Establish a presence on the internet

Consider setting up a website for your consulting service. The site should clearly explain what consulting services you offer and how to get hold of you. Before you set up the site, it would be best to obtain a domain name, for example, You could set up a site for free without purchasing an inexpensive domain by using Google’s Blogger, WordPress, or other free blog sites. It is more professional, though, to obtain your own domain name for your website.

You can search for and buy a domain through: Such services can also host the website for you. In addition, they usually include programs or apps that allow you to establish your own website without programming experience. You could also find a student to put up a website for you at low cost, or use freelance services such as or Numerous website services can be found online.  Having a website will allow your clients to pay you online, using PayPal or an online merchant’s account.

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