Welcome to American Biopharma Corporation

We provide consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for clinical development of treatments mainly in the areas of rheumatology and autoimmune diseases.  We also serve as a resource to new, aspiring or established consultants in all phases of drug development.   Our intent is to provide new or aspiring consultants with a roadmap for moving into or developing a consultancy and to provide for all pharmaceutical consultants in product development an online network and a place to advertize their services.   We encourage pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to advertize for consultants or contractors on the job board.

The world is changing rapidly.  New communication technologies, globalization, and the increasing role of developing countries have disrupted the traditional workplace in developed countries.  This is not a passing phenomenon.  The pharmaceutical industry faces increasing challenges.  Competition, regulatory requirements, and costs have increased, while the rate of new products coming to market has decreased.  In the sphere of clinical development, companies find themselves searching the world for sufficient patients to complete their trials.

The days of lifelong employment at a single company are long gone.  A number of pharmaceutical companies have dismissed large numbers of employees in the aftermath of mergers or acquisitions, failed critical trials or programs, or blockbuster drugs reaching the end of their patent lives resulting in a rapid drop in revenues.   While an essential core of full-time employees will likely be the norm to facilitate continuity of purpose and organizational cohesiveness, it makes sense that contractors and consultants will play an increasing role in the pharmaceutical industry.

With laptop computers, smart phones and other devices, workers can function anywhere.  Teleconferences and e-mail allow geographically distributed multinational teams – people who may never have met in person – to work together effectively.   Contractors and consultants can play a role in expanding the workforce while new initiatives and programs are launched.