Consultant Lifestyle

Working for a consulting firm is much the same as any job for professionals.  Long hours, challenging timelines and much travel are not uncommon.  The life of an independent consultant, though, can offer more choice and freedom.  This of course depends of the volume of work and the clients that you are able to find.

If all goes well, your commute may be a minute on most days to get to your home office.  Starting your day’s work in your pajamas may be your daily routine.  In today’s world of global and rapid communication, you can reach a large number of people who need your services.  Balancing your work and home life becomes a distinct possibility.  On the down side, it is easy to just keep on working, because your home is also your workplace.

To balance your life takes some planning and discipline.  Planning exercise, social activity, and other aspects of your life are important.  Scheduling rest and recreation into your daily life is crucial.


Work-life balance