Want to be an independent consultant but not sure how to get there?

Are you being held back by the unknown? Have you been thinking about consulting for a long time? It can seem daunting to take the leap from a job with benefits. How will you be paid? How will you find your own healthcare insurance? What are the requirements for running a business where you live? Answers to these questions and more can be found starting on American Biopharma’s New/Aspiring Consultant page.

Consulting for Dummies (don’t be put off by the name) has a good overall approach and useful information for those getting started. The authors Bob Nelson and Peter Economy first explain, overall, what consulting is about, then invite you to consider whether consulting is for you. Then they explore how you will launch your consulting business, including how to set it up as an actual business. The financial and legal aspects are covered. How much should you charge? In the next part of the book they offer your a short course in consulting. This includes defining problems, writing proposals, and other aspects of being and carrying out work as a consultant. Later they discuss how to sell your services. How do you build referrals?

All these aspects and more are covered in very clear and readable way. This book has useful advice for a wide variety of people entering consulting at different levels. Consulting for Dummies is an excellent resource.

Another good book is Getting Started in Consulting by Alan Weiss. His approach is different from many others who have written on this topic. He has been very successful and he has also trained many consultants. This is the best book for those who are getting started.


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