Medical Writing

This is an important area in product development, especially in clinical development and regulatory affairs.

From the outside it may seem that a medical writer is a medical writer, but it is not that simple.  Medical writers may specialize in publication writing or regulatory writing.

Publication writers often have a strong scientific education in areas such as biology, or medical or nursing background.   They prepare articles or chapters for scientific publications.

Regulatory writers may have a similar educational background, but they generally have had experience in writing clinical study protocols, informed consent documents, various annual reports required by regulatory authorities, and may have written various documents towards registration or licensing of a drug.  This requires a very rigorous and detail-oriented approach.

Medical writers should have impeccable grammar and should be the experts that you can rely upon when it comes to correct writing.   Of course there is much more to medical writing than is given here.  In the United States the major medical writing organization is the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and AMWA’s website is a good source of information.